Director and Accompanists
Ted Albers, Director
Linda Anderson, Accompanist
Dave Velde, Accompanist





Our Membership List:


Bass VoicesNathan Anderson
Wes Anderson
Dennis Boraas
DeWayne Hermanson
Eldon Kragh
Keith Schirm
Scott Sieg
Dean Thompson
Mike Tostenson
Dave Velde



First Tenor VoicesSherwood Dove
Dick Hauck
Stan Knudson
Dean Lehmann



Second Tenor VoicesRichard Anderson
Tim Borstad
Al Johnsrud
Don Klatt
Mark Kleven
Paul Larson
Brad Moen
Rod Voorhees




Baritone VoicesGary Boraas
Jim Boraas
Mike Crosby
Keith Dalen
Carmen Fernholz
Dick Jepson
George Kleven
Paul Tostenson
Jim Yackley



If you are interested in becoming an active member of this group, please contact one of our members for more details.